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Religious Jewelry Gifts

Gift giving is always risky. Will the receiver like the gift or only respond politely and then pass it on to someone else? If you want someone to love their gift then religious jewelry gifts are the best choice. If you know a person’s religious beliefs you are in luck. All you need to do is search the web for the perfect expression in jewelry. There are thousands of unique and beautiful items to choose from and they range in price so there is one anyone can afford. Even if a person isn’t particularly religious, there are universal symbols in many religions that may resonate with his or her beliefs.


Christian religious jewelry gifts are the most common. There are crosses and crucifixes in pendants, earrings and rings and saint medal pendants. Crosses can be very elaborate in gold and platinum with diamonds and semi-precious jewels as well as simple and inexpensive. Crucifixes are a good gift for a Catholic as it is the ultimate Catholic symbol. It has the image of Christ on the cross. These also are available from sleek, modern almost abstract designs to very ornate and detailed. The crucifix has become very trendy especially for a surfer, rock star or motorcycle life style. These pieces are usually large and stainless steel and are often connected with a skull.


Other Christian religious jewelry gifts include angels as a motif, chastity rings and saint medals. Saint medals are an image depicting a particular saint as a representation of his or her life, sacrifices or spiritual association. There are hundreds of saints and they are the patrons of almost every human endeavor. Saint medals give courage and peace to those who believe and many are appreciated by Christians and non-Christians alike. Christian jewelry is worn to show one’s faith. It makes an excellent, well appreciated gift for a child’s confirmation, communion or baptism. The angel motif signifies that you are being cared for by angels. This sometimes symbolizes a loved one who has passed away and yet you may feel is still close.


Judaism also has religious jewelry gifts available. Jewelry has been important to the Jewish culture for centuries as symbol and decoration. There are beautifully rendered Star of David as well as Chai pendants, two Hebrew letters meaning ‘living’, and menorah pendants. There are several combinations of these as well. They are available in inexpensive 14k gold plated and diamond encrusted 18k solid gold and many beautiful combinations in between. You can find the perfect gift for anyone.


Other religions, such as Native Americans, Buddhists, Hindu, ancient Egyptian and Muslim have religious jewelry gifts that sometimes appeal to people of any religion. Native American jewelry is usually based on the environment and has symbols for water, earth, air and certain powerful animals. These make beautiful gifts for the eco-friendly person and they are very fashionable today. Ancient Egyptian jewelry is also suitable for a person of any religious faith, including the scarab for good luck and the Eye of Horus, a talisman against evil eye and the Ankh which represents eternal life.

This article was published on Wednesday 18 November, 2009.

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