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Religious Jewelry
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There are many categories and uses for Jewelry. One of the most prolific is the use of Jewelry for Religious nature. There are many different types of religious jewelry. Most often when you think of Religious jewelry you might think of a cross or crucifix pendant. Most Christians wear their crosses to show they are a Christian and to remind them of their faith. Catholic often have them Blessed and wear their blessed crosses.

Other types of religious Jewelry are rosary bracelets. This is a more recent invention. Rosary Bracelets span all type price ranges and usually are one decade of the rosary linked together to form a bracelet. What would be considered the center of the rosary usually dangles like a charm. The bracelets can be made from glass or semi precious medal beads and may use base metal, which is lower cost or the more expensive sterling or gold metals for the links the cross or the center.

Patron Saint Medals is another form of religious jewelry that people often ware. They wear this small medallions on their necks generally. The saint the person chooses to wear may have some significance to the person’s life. Patron Saint Jewelry often is a reminder to the person wearing.  Patron Saint Medals are often called sacramental. Base Metal pendants make great gifts for church groups. For example church groups often give St. Cecilia Medals, where she is the patron saint of musicians.

Many also choose to have cross earrings. This is another way to wear a cross without the chain. You will see both men and women with cross earrings. Often cross earrings can be given as a gift for a sacrament, meaning cross earrings make a wonderful First Communion Gift. Its can be worn on the day of the even adding a finishing touch to any child’s first communion dress and accessories.

Lapel pins are another form of Religious Jewelry. Often Holy Spirit Jewelry can be a lapel pin. There are many symbols that you may see worn on a lapel. Also a Monstrance pin is a great gift for staff and church members in groups like RCIA sponsors, Catechism teacher.

Rings are often worn as reminders to the cross. There are rings designed as cross but one of the most popular religious rings is a claddagh ring. It is an Irish wedding and depicts a heart and a cross. Also the religious wear rings or are given rings at their ordinations. Even the Pope has a ring, as many already know.

In all these types of jewelry many of these are also available with birthstones embedded to them. The rosary bracelets can be made out of birthstones. This is another way to personalize the religious jewelry which makes for it to be a great gift for any occasion.

There is a wide span of religious jewelry available and in most cases it because one of the most treasured gifts one can give because it not only signals about the event or the relationship. But, because it is rooted in faith strengthens it meaning.

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