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Religious Military Medals Intercede for Blessings

One usually thinks of a military medal as something given to soldiers for extreme valor on the battlefield or other potentially deadly situation. While this is true, it is not the only time a soldier wears a medal. Military religious medals are worn by soldiers of all religions around the world. Some wear them for the protection they believe will come from patron saints as well as to remind them of their faith. Some wear them to remind them that they are fighting for freedom of religion and some to remember a loved one. In the hard life of a soldier, this symbol of grace is a touch of the heart.


Military religious medals are highly respected pieces of jewelry second only to the soldier’s dog tags. They may have been a gift from a loved one or something handed down from others in their family who served in the military. Maybe the soldier simply bought it him or herself. Whatever the origin, this medal is sacred. The life of a soldier can be at risk at any moment and these medals are a connection to that reality.


Christians, other than Catholics, usually wear a Latin, Celtic or Greek cross and Catholics wear crosses, crucifixes and patron saints. Military religious medals come with many patron saints and each person can choose the one that fits his or her situation.

St. Brendan the Navigator pendants for sailors and mariners and St. George for the Air Force, Army and mariners; St. Christopher medals for Marine, Army and Air Force and St. Michael for paratroopers, Army and Air Force. There are also air, land and sea medals and a mariner’s crucifix. These medals have the image of the patron saint on one side and the symbol of the armed service on the other. They come in sterling silver, stainless steel, gold and other metals and are usually round or oval shaped. There are websites where you can choose your patron saint and have your branch of the military stamped or engraved on the back.


There are also medals for the Jewish faith including Star of David, Chai, Hamsa, Menorah, Mezuzah and Never Again medals in very tough, non-magnetic, non reactive stainless steel. These well crafted military religious medals are also made for Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccan, Humanist and even those who just want to recognize that they are offering their lives for the benefit of others. These simple, clean, highly polished symbols stand out because they are not gaudy like so many religious medals and are very strong because they are made for soldiers.


If you know someone in the military service, and you know their religion or beliefs, military religious medals are a gift that will be appreciated. It may be something the soldier wears or not but they will want to keep it with them as a protection, reminder of their faith or a loved one.  These medals also remind soldiers that there is something higher guiding their life, whether it is an angel or their own good actions.




This article was published on Wednesday 17 February, 2010.

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