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Religious Statues


The most common religious statues are of Catholic saints. There are hundreds of saints and hundreds of statues for each one. Some are very costly works of art and some are small plastic pieces to be kept in the pocket or purse. Indoor statues of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the saints are usually made of plaster. are made of poly-vinyl resin to withstand the weather, or stone and cast cement. The resin statue come with detailed life-like painting, pure white like marble or with a granite-like finish.

There are several reasons people like to display religious statues. One is to remind them of their faith and help them look for guidance throughout the day. Another reason is because it is believed that some statues bless and protect the home and contain miraculous powers. One such is the statue of St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus, who is the patron saint of fathers, families, working men and real estate agents. It is believed by some that if his statue is buried near a for sale sign, the house will sell sooner.

St. Michael statues are also popular. He is the archangel, Gods warrior who led the soldiers of God against Satan and won. He symbolizes good triumphing over evil and is the patron saint of police men and all law enforcers among others. You can find his statue in police stations around the world and on the front of courthouses.

When you are looking for religious statues for yourself, a gift or for an institution, it is important to get the best quality possible. There are technical innovations that combine old world style with the latest materials to make strong, light weight, high quality statues at a fraction of the cost of hand carved stone. Fiberglass and polymer resin are some of the strong alternatives that will last and look good.

Religious statues have been created for centuries and many are still with us. You can have a copy of some of the most famous ones for your church, hospital or garden. Michelangelo’s sculptures including the Pieta, Moses, David as well as replicas of the Creation of Adam and other scenes from the Sistine Chapel are available. There are also replicas of Leonardo de Vinci’s Last Supper in sculpture form.

Other religious statues are Buddhist, Hindu, Native American and ancient Egyptian. Apart from the beauty of the artistry the main role of a Buddha statue is to radiate the peaceful feelings that come with reflection and discipline over the negative emotions. Buddha in the lotus position is the most common statue but there are others including laughing as well as reclining Buddha. In Hindu statuary, Ganesh, the elephant headed God, is very popular. He represents wisdom and success and an offering to him goes before any new endeavor from a new business deal to the class spelling quiz. He is surrounded by good things to eat representing prosperity. A religious statue that represents goodness and success over evil, no matter what the religion, is a positive addition to any home.



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This article was published on Monday 08 November, 2010.

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