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A Rosary Box An Ornate Solution

Rosaries are the garland of roses on witch a Catholic counts his or her prayers. Rosaries are made from simple cord or wood to elaborate gold, silver and platinum with jewels and glass beads. Since a rosary is not an ordinary necklace, it needs to be kept in a special place. That is why there are so many different styles and designs of rosary boxes available. The boxes are almost as rare and beautiful as the rosaries. For a Catholic, these are fine gifts, whether they are the cute inexpensive ones for children or more costly gold and silver with precious stones, the meaning is the same.


There are many beautiful wooden rosary boxes with hand carved crosses and designs on the top. Some have balsa wood lining to make sure your rosary doesn’t get scratched. Some are round wooden boxes with hammered silver plate with gold highlights on top, of Mary, Jesus and angels. They also have saint medals as well as chalices and doves as decoration. These come in medium and large sizes. The wood used for these boxes is often olive wood from the Holy Land.


There are decorative rosary boxes that are ceramic and have figures standing on the top. Usually the figures are Mary in different scenes but also with praying children and Mary and baby Jesus. Some very decorative boxes are hammered silver plate with gold accents of very stylized Mary and Jesus, a baptism scene or the Holy Family. These boxes look very rich and ancient. Clear lead crystal boxes with medallions on top are elegant and would be a good gift for a man.


Beautiful porcelain rosary boxes with full color portraits of Mary and other saints which are also music boxes would make a beautiful gift for a religious friend. Porcelain boxes come in a broad range of prices and designs. Some are for a child’s first communion and some are very delicate and rare. There are metal boxes from Italy with famous paintings on the top by Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo di Vinci. The Vatican Library Collection offers rosary boxes based on history and art from the past. These boxes look like treasures from the Renaissance. The crown of the collection is truly a crown like box which is 24k gold-plated purple dome crown with Swarovski crystals and an engraving inside.


Not all rosary boxes are square, round or oval. Some are shaped like crosses, icons and some look like miniature books. They need not hold your rosary; they are nice little boxes to have on your desk or dressing table for any jewelry, paper clips or safety pins when you want to keep a reminder of your faith nearby. Communion pyxes that are especially made for carrying the Communion Host to people who cannot make it to church also make nice rosary boxes if they are new and have never been used for communion. They are more expensive and smaller but also more exquisite and like a fine piece of jewelry. They are lined with gold.

This article was published on Sunday 28 February, 2010.

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