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Rose Petal Rosaries

In the Catholic Church, the rosary is a devotional prayer to Mary to intercede on the prayers behalf for Gods blessings. Rosary also means a garland of roses, each bead representing a prayer to Mary who is symbolized by the rose. Rosaries beads are made out of wood, glass, precious and semi precious gems, crystal, seeds, plastic and flower petals. Flower petals are crushed and rolled into beads and left to air dry. They become hard and can be strung in a rosary. Rose petal rosaries are the most popular and there is a large variety of them available online.


Rose petal rosaries will have the color of the flower used. Most of them do not have added color but sometime have added rose oil for fragrance. They can be custom made out of flowers from your wedding, a loved ones funeral, a baptism, anniversaries or simply from your favorite rose bush. These customized rosaries make good gifts and memorials and will become a family heirloom.


To order rose petal rosaries from your own roses, you need to send dried rose petals in a zip lock bag. It takes approximately 12 large or medium size roses for one rosary. They should not be moldy or rotten and not include leaves or stems. The beads will be darker than the flower petal because of the drying process. The petals can be pulled from the stem and spread on a paper towel or newspaper to air dry. If you want to order a special rosary for a gift, you need to do it well in advance of the giving date as the beads need to air dry and then be made in to the rosary.


You can make your own rosary or make one as a gift. There are many sites online that give instructions on how to make rose petal rosaries at home. Heat the rose petals in just enough water to cover them, but don’t let them boil. If you use a rusty pan the beads will be a beautiful black color. Drain the petals and store them so they don’t get moldy. Repeat this five days in a row and after the fifth time, let it cool and squeeze the mixture and make it into balls or beads. Make them larger than you want because they will shrink. You can dry them on a board with a pin stuck through to make the hole for stringing. When the beads are dry, you can make a rosary with string or wire.


Making beads from rose petals is an ancient craft. It was revived by the Nuns of the Carmel of Port Tobacco and in the calm and quiet of their hermitages they made pure rose beads, natural with no filler or paint. They no longer make these rose petal rosaries but there are places online where you can get a large variety. They come in white, pink, red, orange, black and also mixed with other beads including olive wood, crystal, silver, gold and glass. These fragrant rosaries resonate with ancient times when the rosary prayer was first considered a garland of roses. They are surprisingly strong and will last for years.



This article was published on Saturday 09 January, 2010.

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