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Saint Anthony

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Anthony was a saint that is said to perform many miracles daily. Saint Anthony came from a very rich family, a family that wanted him to get educated and follow in their footsteps. But Saint Anthony decided that what he wanted most was to take on a different path, one of holiness that would spread the word of Jesus Christ. Born in the year 1195 Anthony spent only 36 short years on in this earth. Anthony died from dropsy on June 13th 1231.

But those few short years that he had on this earth he managed to do wonderful things and in fact managed to have his life remember and celebrated even to this day in 2009. Anthony enters the Augustinian Abbey of Saint Vincent located just outside of Lisbon to start his education in spreading the word of the lord. While also a member of The Canons Regular of Augustine famous for its scholarly activities Anthony would study Scriptures and Latin classics. While being place in charge of the hospitality in his abbey Anthony meet five Franciscan who were on their way to Moscow to preach Muslim. While these five Franciscans where in Moscow they were martyred. Anthony amazed by there their bravery asked his superiors if he could be released of his duties as head of hospitality in his abbey and go to Moscow to follow in the foot sets of the people he admired so much and join the Franciscan order, he was granted his request.

Italy has been celebrating saint Anthony since 1688 “The Feast of All Feast” is celebrated in the name of Saint Anthony every year on the last Sunday of August. Then, 1919 in Boston north end a similar celebration was created by Italian immigrants and for the same reason. The saint Anthony celebration to this day is one of the biggest celebrations in America of any other celebrated Saints life.

There is an old saying if you lose something say a prayer to saint Anthony, he is said to be able to help you remember where you last put something. Also among some of his other greatest gifts would include preaching and getting couples married and helping them stay married and having a happy healthy eternal life together. As saint Anthony’s sickness kicked in he was soon relieved of his duties. He then spent the remaining years of his life as some would say like a hermit and was put to work in a kitchen at Rural Hospice of San Paolo near Forli, Romagna, Italy.

Saint Anthony was a great man who took time out of his life to preach the word of the lord. He also took time out of his life to help others and give people of all walks of life hope. Even know he was rich and probably would have been fine following in his family’s footsteps he chose not to. It is said that when he died there were kids crying in the streets and every church bell was ringing from miles away to honor a man who gave so much of he’s life to others and so much of he’s life to churches and nonprofit originations.

This article was published on Tuesday 29 September, 2009.

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