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Saint Anthony Rosary

Two of the most significant characteristics of the Catholic faith are the observation of the Saints and the use of the rosary for meditative purposes.  These are particularly important aspects of the church and are conveniently combined in the St Anthony Rosary.  The beaded chain is designed to be help you focus on the twenty mysteries of salvation, categorized as the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysterious.  This particular relic has you focus on Mary’s significance in the church and mediation on the sacraments, as usual, but also allows you to concentrate and recognize the patron Saint of lost things.

Regardless of the focus of the St Anthony Rosary, the prayer chain still works along the same cycle of recitals.  They rosary will still follow the progression of three major prayers which serve to separate and advance through each of the mysteries of salvation.  The three major prayers are The Lord’s Prayer, The Hail Mary, and Glory Be To The Father.  However, before you begin the entire rosary, you must say the Apostle’s Creed once, and upon completing the chain, you must conclude with Hail Holy Queen.  There are five sections of beads for each of the five components of Mysteries you must recite.

In further detail, the St Anthony Rosary follows this exact prayer series.  As with any prayer, before you begin you must do the Sign of the Cross, which is fitting with the rosary since you actually begin at the cross.  This then leads directly into the Apostle’s Creed.  Next in this sequence is the Lord’s Prayer and then three Hail Mary’s, which will conclude the preparatory section of the rosary and will begin your observation of the mysteries.  Announce the first Mystery and say another Lord’s Prayer, followed by ten Hail Mary’s, one for each bead in the next sequence.  This leads to another pronouncement and Lord’s Prayer and ten more Hail Mary’s.  This process repeats three more times.

Like most others, the St Anthony Rosary is as much an artistic artifact as it is a tool for prayer.  While some basic ones are made of simple plastic, more elaborate and articulate varieties are also made.  They can be made of different woods, crystal, or even sterling silver.  This depends on the manufacturer and the artist’s vision.  Though no prayer chain would ever be mistaken for superficial adornment, there is no reason why a penitent person shouldn’t have a beautiful reminder of their faith which they can use and appreciate every day when observing their religious rites.  Well made rosaries do just that.

Crosses, crucifixes, and a variety of St Anthony Rosary styles are available at any Christian book store or wherever religious artifacts are sold.  You might want to consider checking online, though, because many companies save a lot of money by moving their operations to the internet, and they pass that savings all the way down to the customer.  A variety of other incentives and convenient shipping options really do make this an easy option for this any number of your other religious shopping needs

This article was published on Thursday 04 March, 2010.

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