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Saint Francis with Animals Statue

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Saint Francis, also known as St Francis of Assisi was the patron saint of animals and he was the Friar and founder of the Franciscans. You will often find statues of St Francis with an animal because he was the patron saint of animals. There are many different types of St Francis with animal statues available, and it is really up to your own preference which one you choose.


There are many stories which surround the life of Saint Francis and many of these deals with his love for animals and one of the most famous incidents which illustrates his humility towards nature is recounted in the Fioretti which is a collection of legends that sprang up after the saint’s death. It is said in this collection that one day while he was travelling with some companions, they stumbled upon a place in the road where birds filled the trees on either side and Francis told his followers to wait for him while he went to preach to his sisters the birds. The birds then surrounded him and were drawn by the power of his voice.


Because Saint Francis is well attributed to his love of animals and nature, it is possible to get St Francis with animal statues from all good Christian stores and garden centres. You can buy a St Francis with animal statue for you home or you can purchase it for your garden which is an ideal place for a St Francis with animal statue to live as he was such a lover of nature and the outdoors- it was said on his deathbed, that Saint Francis thanked his donkey for carrying and helping him throughout his life.


You can get St Francis with animal statues which show the saint with many different animals, from birds to a donkey and much more, each depiction of Saint Francis helps for you to show your devotion to nature and animals, so that anyone who comes to visit you will know that you appreciate nature just as much as saint Francis did. A St Francis with animal statue will make a very nice addition to anybody’s garden or home and they come in all different sizes and materials, from hand carved wood to plastic, metal and pewter.


Saint Francis was a very important saint, and by getting your own St Francis with animal statue, you can use it to help build up your own prayer garden full of your favourite saints, or you can use it to bring respect to your garden and show your love of the outdoors. Whatever you use your statue for; you can rest assured that you will be getting a very special saint statue.


You can find out more about St Francis or where to get a St Francis with animal statue on the internet by doing a quick and simple search on a popular search engine, this will bring up results on where you can purchase your own statue.

This article was published on Tuesday 29 September, 2009.

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