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The Saint Medals

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The process of declaring religious members of the Christian society, as holy or pious person is a religious process, which is taken up by the church and Pope, leading the way to Sainthood. There are three ways in which the Pope decides to confer Sainthood. The person, who lives or has lived a righteous and holy life, has gone to heaven or is judged to be in heaven. Furthermore Saints are looked upon for making miracles happen, for they have the capability to do so. This being due to their closeness and oneness with God.


So this deep love for saints and unwavering faith in their holiness, we all see them as a holy medium to communicate with our father in heaven. Wearing saint medal around the neck or chest is one fine example. In this way we honor the person who has passed away and is closer to God. By keeping in touch with one’s saint one begets divine blessings.


There is Saint Medal for every career and interest. For a carpenter, it might be, St. Joseph, for a lawyer, St. Thomas or St. Joan of Arc for a soldier. So we wear them around our necks, pin them on shirts or as lockets. Saints reflect the good part of us. They symbolize the pious, humble and righteous way of life, which, Jesus always preached. Saints keep us reminding of the God and thus prevent us from taking the evil path. They inspire us, the commoners, to strive to become holy. For they have arisen from humble beginnings achieved divinity. So wearing medals gives sense of spiritual security and right direction towards achieving divine blessings, which our Father in heaven wants us to do.


The tradition of wearing medals has a long history and goes back to Greece and Rome, where people wore amulets of their Gods around necks. This practice was later adopted by the Christians to honor their martyrs, who laid down their lives while spreading the preaching’s of Christ. Later the holy shrines started to give out medals in form of the souvenirs to pilgrims on visit. The medals were worn on hat or chest and their use continued till 17th century. Later more artistic medals in bronze and silver were made.


Each and every saint is worshipped for his or her unique virtues and we also try to imbibe those values in our heart. The saints are our shepherds and guide us on right path. They appear to us in whatever way we adore them. Be it St. Joan of Arc as a soldier, or Saint Monica as a patient mother, St. Bernadette, a visionary child or St. Mother Teresa, savior of poor and the downtrodden. Hence the Saint medals always remind us of their sacrifices to uplift the mankind and show that the divine grace of father is always with their bellowed children.

This article was published on Tuesday 29 September, 2009.

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