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Saint Rita Satues

St. Rita was born in Umbria Italy in 1381. She was married at 12 years old to an immoral man and had two sons. She begged her parents not to arrange the marriage because she wanted to enter a convent, but they didn’t heed her concerns. During her married life, she was abused by her husband and this is why a St. Rita statue is said to represent abused women. Until the murder of her husband by disloyal associates, she tried to live like a pious Catholic and convert her husband, and at the end of his life her husband repented to her. Her sons wanted revenge on his murders, so to avoid them committing murder themselves, she prayed for their deaths, which happened by natural causes a year later.


After her son’s deaths she tried to enter a monastery but was not allowed because she was not a virgin. She got special dispensation; she could join if she could reconcile her husband’s murders with her family, which she did. It is said she was transported inside the locked monastery by her patron saints and when the sisters saw this they accepted her. From that time a St. Rita statue is worshipped to request the impossible.


A St. Rita statue is always depicted with a bleeding wound on her forehead. This is because it is said that she prayed to suffer like Jesus and once a thorn, from the crown of the crucifix in the convent, fell and hit her on the head. She had a bleeding wound from then on. Sometimes she is also depicted with a rose and a fig symbolizing the impossible. When she was dying a cousin came to visit her and asked her if there was anything she wanted. St. Rita asked for a rose and a fig from the garden at her previous home. It was the dead of winter but the cousin went there anyway just to humor her. In the garden, it is said, there was one blooming fresh rose and a ripe, edible fig. they were taken to St. Rita. The rose bush is still blooming after all these centuries.


Another St. Rita statue, near Ghent, depicts her with bees. This is because as a baby, after her baptism, her parents saw swarms of bees flying in and out of her mouth without harming her. This was later attributed to the fact that she would be beatified by Pope Urban VIII whose coat of arms has three bees on it. She is considered to be a person born pure, destine for a life devoted to Jesus.


A St. Rita statue usually looks like a traditional nun holding a cross with blood dripping from her forehead. There are a huge variety of types of statues from tiny pewter ones to be held in the hand to life size for churches or other Catholic institutions, such as homes for battered women. Since she is the patron saint for lost causes, some sport’s fans pray to her when their team needs special help in the hope they can have an unexpected victory.


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This article was published on Thursday 07 January, 2010.

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