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Saint Statues make perfect home decor idea

Beautiful religious art work is the perfect Catholic gift for a home, office or church. There are many types of saint statues, some hand painted in Italy with an old world patina, and are incredible works of art. There are also simple ceramic statues for your garden and three inch icons for your pocket or purse. These statues refresh the mind and add positive spiritual energy to your home. They also are available as fountains, birdbaths and bird feeders and with special grottos and stands for exhibition. One of the most famous statue designers was the Della Robbia style, originated by Luca Della Robbia (1400-1482). These are top of the line statues and icons made with terracotta and glaze with leaves, fruits and flowers surrounding the figure like a frame. There are companies making cheap knock offs of this procedure but you can find the genuine article online.


Saint Francis of Assisi is one of the most popular statues for the home or garden. He represents humility and poverty and spent his life in simplicity serving others. He is the patron saint of animals and his figure reminds us that the world is becoming unsafe for many animals and soon people too. He is one of the best saint statues for environmentalists and will look at home in a garden or even gardening store where people need to remember to care for the earth too.


Saint Joseph is another popular statue for the home. He is the patron saint of fathers, being the husband of Mary, and protected his family. He is also the patron saint of workingmen and, because he was a carpenter, he is associated with real estate. If you want to sell your house, it is considered lucky to have a statue of St. Joseph in the front. Saint statues are more than figures, they represent power and sacrifice.


Some saint statues represent angels not men. St. Michael, the Archangel, was the leader of the forces of good against Satan and the forces of evil. He is considered the head of all the angels. For this reason, a statue of St. Michael has been invoked as the protector of the religion since the time of the Apostles in the early Christian era and a very strong symbol for a Catholic home. You can also have a two and a half inch St. Michael for your pocket as a reminder to fight for the good.


Many Catholics believe saint statues will give divine grace to the home or any place they are shown. The saints are all around St. Peters Basilica in Rome enjoying the spiritual bliss. These statues add a higher purpose in life and, depending on their symbolism, give a message. Some of these statues, including the Holy Family, are available in life size and are of a quality good enough to be exhibited in churches. Life size statuary has a huge impact on people, all the more reason to have a spiritual message in your home or garden.


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This article was published on Saturday 31 October, 2009.

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