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Solar Bird Feeders

Birdfeeders in your garden attract birds during the day for them to have an easy meal. It’s nice to be able to see a large variety of birds in your back or front yard. Solar lighted birdfeeders add another dimension to feeding birds. At night you will have a glowing hanging light so that your yard isn’t completely dark. The difference is this light will cost you nothing on your electricity bill. It powered by sun light on solar panels that feed rechargeable batteries and will last for years.


These solar lighted birdfeeders come in a variety of styles. There is the conventional hanging cylinder, usually very attractively designed in pewter, aluminum or stainless steel. For something more elaborate there is a four in one, planter at the base, bird bath, feeder and solar lamp. If your birds are in competition with squirrels for their lunch, there is a squirrel proof feeder that gives squirrels a very slight charge of electricity, also from the solar battery. It only works when you want it to with a remote control. There are even birdfeeders that look like a squirrel. There are also natural looking bird feeders with solar lights in the base. Made to look like bent branches and leaves it would be attractive on a patio.


Why have a light on a birdfeeder, don’t most seed eating birds sleep at night? Yes they do but the point here is two fold. You get attractive, free (except for the price of the solar lighted birdfeeders) landscape lighting as well as a bird feeder to attract more birds to your yard. Sometimes the light is like an addition to the feeder and sometimes it is part of the feeder. Both use only sunlight and need to get direct sunlight for six to eight hours a day. During the times where it is overcast and there is no sunlight, your light will be dimmer, but don’t worry it will come back.


If you don’t find a design that fits your home décor and if you have the skill (or know someone who is willing to help) there are instructions online for how to make your own solar lighted birdfeeders. You need wood or metal working ability and then just build a birdfeeder. You can add a LED outdoor light with the solar plates and rechargeable battery. You will most probably need the parts for the light, a drill, soldering kit and strong glue. I could look like something a six year old made or possibly a birdfeeder from an alien space ship. Either way, you will think it looks good in your garden and the birds won’t care what it looks like.


The solar lighted birdfeeders that are shaped like figures, hand painted resin, make your garden a magical place especially in the evening when the lights come on. There are fairies and squirrels, gnomes, bluebirds, cute birdhouses when lighted at night look like someone is inside and angels to enchant everyone who sees.




This article was published on Thursday 07 January, 2010.

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