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Solar Birdbaths help with maintenance

Solar bird baths are fountains where the pump and filter is powered by the sun. There are solar panels to collect energy and pump the water through the fountain. They do not need any electrical connections, so there is no added electricity charge, and are self-contained as long as the solar panels have direct sun light. Because of this, you need to be very careful where you place your fountain in your yard. Remember they do not work at night or on overcast days but some have stored solar lighting so you can see the fountain at night.


Some solar bird baths also keep the water warm so it doesn’t freeze in the winter. Even if the ground is covered with snow, if it is a sunny day, your fountain will operate. The most common style is the traditional bird bath with a water jet in the middle, but there are other styles to choose from. They are made from ceramic, resin or metal and can go anywhere, even in a courtyard indoors.


An added feature is the soothing sound of running, splashing water from the solar bird baths which discourages mosquitoes because they only like standing water. It is a good source of water for birds to drink and bath in, attracting them to your garden. This fountain has very little upkeep. Just keep the filter clean and the pump submerged in water. They are such charming and easy fountains; they would make a good gift for the person with the right garden. It would be nice to be placed in front of a window where you can see it even during cold weather, especially if there is a solar heater the keeps the water from freezing.


There are so many unique and wonderful styles of solar bird baths such as, water cascading into a shell-like bath flowing over the figures of children under an umbrella. There is a castle fountain with a castle like feature in the idle of an octagonal bath. It looks very ancient from the days of King Arthur. If you prefer a modern look there is a large ball on a pedestal where the water flows 360 degrees around the ball. There are several styles of pots in ascending order where the water cascades from pot to pot. For the traditionalist there are angels and cherubs bathing and playing while the water washes over them.  


The best solar bird baths are made from material that can stand against the weather and hold water. It should not rust and be stable enough not to blow over during a storm. It should be environmentally safe and not pollute the water for the birds. Make sure the bird bath is secure on its pedestal and that there are no ledges where cats can stalk the birds. A rough surface is best for the birds to stand and drink or bathe. The birds need to be able to see all around the bath to feel safe. It should also be high enough so dogs and raccoons cannot drink from the bath. It can also be suspended from a tree as well as from the side of a house.

This article was published on Thursday 07 January, 2010.

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