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Thanksgiving Decor
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Thanksgiving is the first holiday of the season and usually a time when family and friends enjoy a very large meal centered on turkey. There are so many traditional items that go with the turkey, including stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and yams with melted marshmallows and many more, as each family has their own recipes. Thanksgiving décor is part of the occasion. The cook may be responsible for the decorations or they may designate someone else, but the centerpiece of the feast table is the main decoration for Thanksgiving dinner.


One of the most popular Thanksgiving décor is the cornucopia. It symbolizes the life giving food, received from the earth, which is the first item to be thankful for. The pilgrims needed it for survival and the Native Americans gave it. Strategically placed in the middle of your table, this is usually made of woven straw but could be a plastic imitation. Small pumpkins, gourds, cranberries and grapes with red and green apples should fill the cornucopia and spill out in an attractive array on the table cloth. Dried leaves and flowers can be used to fill any gaps and artfully arranged so it looks attractive.


In most of the US the weather is cooling down by Thanksgiving and being outdoors is not always feasible. It is nice to bring into the home the vegetables and leaves that give us the vibrant reds, oranges and browns that typify the season. Garlands of autumn leaves is a favorite Thanksgiving décor. They can be threaded on yarn or string, with an occasional gold or silver sprayed leaf to add a special festive touch. These garlands can be strung over windows or wound around pillars. They are simple to make and add a lot of festive atmosphere.


If your Thanksgiving décor includes children, let them be a part of the fun. Instead of a table cloth, use butcher paper to cover your table. Let the children draw, with crayons, place mats, and name cards as well as some turkeys, pumpkins, corn and whatever they want. If this is successful, you can be bolder next year and buy a white table cloth and some acrylic paint. With or without guidance, let the children paint placemats, name cards and any other decorations they want including a beautiful center piece. When the paint dries it will be washable and can be used for many Thanksgivings to come. It could even become a family heirloom.


Place cards are something usually only used, in the home, at Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas. These could also be made by the children or they could be made by you. Place cards can be fun and taken home as a souvenir, for example, tiny pinecones could hold a slip of paper with a name on it or autumn leaves can have names written directly on them and glued to a folded piece of cardboard. Thanksgiving décor need not be as elaborate as Christmas time but it has a special cache that only comes once a year.



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