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Valentines Day Gifts
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Although everyone knows of Valentine’s Day and most people participate by exchanging cards and notes and other tokens of affections, nobody is really clear on who St. Valentine was or the real history of St. Valentine’s Day.  In historical lore there were actually three saints named Valentine.  One thing that is clear however, is that Valentine’s Day is a part of Christian and roman traditions dating back centuries.

One popular legend in the history of St. Valentine’s Day has it that St. Valentine was a priest and when Emperor Claudius II outlawed the marriage of young men, believing that they were better soldiers when unmarried, St. Valentine continued to wed the young men secretly.  Apparently he was caught and ordered to be put to death. Another story has it that St. Valentine was the one who sent the first valentine while he was in person for having helped Christians escape from roman prisons.  It is said that he fell in love while in prison, probably with the gatekeeper’s daughter, and wrote her a letter before his death that he signed, from your Valentine.

There is also not complete agreement why or how the date of Valentine’s Day became February 14.  Some people who have studied the history of St. Valentine’s Day would have it that February 14 was the official date of the death of this St. Valentine.  There is also discussion that the Christians used this day to try to sway people away from the pagan ceremony called the Lupercalia feast.  This feast was practised in Rome and it was said to be a feast of fertility.  A goat was sacrificed and then the hide was dipped in blood and boys went through the streets slapping women and fields with it, which was said to promote their fertility.  There was also a practice of town bachelors putting their names into a pot, which were then withdrawn and said to lead to marriage.

Officially, Valentine’s Day was made to be February 14 around 498AD by Pope Gelasius, who also outlawed the feast of Lupercalia.  In Great Britain, the history of St. Valentine’s Day is a little bit different and the celebration is said to have started in the 17th century and it quickly spread to North America and other parts of the world.  Originally, handmade cards, letters and tokens were given on this day, which with the advent of the printing press because commercialized at the same time.  At the same time, other images such as hearts and cupids became associated with the event.

While there is dispute on the origins in the history of St. Valentine’s Day, there is no dispute that February 14 is a time for budding romance and coincides with the approach of spring.  There is nothing in history to suggest when chocolates started to be given as gifts, although flowers are very traditional as well.  In addition, as every school child has experienced, Valentine’s cards are readily exchanged, and sometimes a pot full of names is used to determine who exchanges cards with whom.

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