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Valentine’s Day is a special day that is celebrated around the world.  It is a time of budding romance, when spring is just around the corner.  It is also a time of hearts, cupids, chocolate and flowers.  Although it is clearly a day for lovers, it is also a day celebrated by families and children.  While many people stick with the traditional Valentine Day gifts, other people go one step further, and give gifts from the heart.

Chocolate and flowers, especially roses, are common Valentine Day gifts for a reason, most people love to receive them.  They also represent love since the flowers are usually red and the chocolates often heart shaped, or in a heart shaped box. As well as these traditional gifts many people give gifts of intimate apparel, usually coloured red, and sometimes even personalized, in addition to being very sexy.  In addition to these items, however, there are also many other special valentine items available in stores and readily on the internet at this time of year.

If you like, you can also find garments with printed hearts, embroidered hearts, or just plain red.  Sweaters, shirts and dresses are often embellished with these icons.  Although they are distinctly Valentine Day gifts, the heart also has other significance as well.  It is of course, the heart that feels things, that pumps blood through our veins, but in Christian lore the heart is sometimes though to also represent the trinity.  An example of this is the claddagh which is a symbol of two hands holding a heart.  This is an Irish symbol that is used widely for religious icons.  It also represents friendship and love, whether it is between a man and woman or two people as friends.

For many people, gifts from the heart translate into homemade gifts and these take the form of homemade cards as well as special cookies and cakes, usually heart shaped.  If you want to create your own Valentine Day gifts, you will find many designs, templates and recipes available on the internet.  You will also find many candies and toppers that can be used to decorate your baked goods available widely in supermarkets and department stores.  These would include cinnamon hearts and sprinkles, either chocolate or red coloured.

For many people, cupid is a sign of St. Valentine’s Day.   Cupid is a character from roman mythology  who is the god of love and beauty, and is the son of the goddess Venus.  He is also known by the Latin name, Amor, which means love.  He is often depicted shooting his bow and it is thought that he inspires romantic love in this way.  If you are looking for Valentine Day gift, you can also find wonderful statures of Cupid widely available on the internet.  You can pay as little or as much as you like, depending on the material you have chosen and the size of the statue.  What better character to grace your hall or boudoir table, and remind you each day of the power of Amor and those who receive his arrow.

This article was published on Thursday 07 January, 2010.

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