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Valentines Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world yet there is uncertainty about who St. Valentine was or why it is celebrated on February 14.  The history of St. Valentine’s Day is however rich in both Christian and roman history and traditions, and it is clearly linked to a pagan fertility festival that took place in Ancient Rome.  It is said that people started exchanged handmade cards and tokens in Great Britain in the 17th century, and this is a tradition that still remains.  In addition to cards and token, there are now also many Valentines ideas available to celebrate this special day.

While the advent of the printing press brought commercial Valentine’s Day card, many people still practice making their own handmade cards.  There are many Valentines ideas for cards available on the internet, as well as designs, plans and templates that you can use.  For example, you can find designs for pop up cards that you can easily make yourself.  There are also coloured plastic jewels, stickers and other craft items readily available that you can use to enrich your card.

Other Valentines ideas that you will find on the internet are for things that you can make to decorate your house.  For example, you can leave a trail of special valentine notes for your sweetie, sort of like a treasure hunt, with a very special gift at the end of the trail.  You can also hang up a heart shaped pouch and fill it with little chocolates and goodies.  Many people also like to throw parties on Valentine’s Day, and there are many recipes available for delicious cookies, cakes and more.  You may even decide to dye all the food red using food colouring if you want or eat off red heart-shaped plates!

Valentine’s Day however, is not just for kids.  There are also many Valentines ideas floating around in cyber world on things that big kids can do to romance their sweetie on this special day.  In addition to the Valentine’s treasure hunt through the house, you can also buy special clothing and there is a large market in red intimate wear at this time of the year.  Some people also use this day for an outing to their favourite restaurant and a candlelight dinner, accompanied by only the best in bubbly.  Others prefer a special outing for two to the spa.  Yet others, stick to boxes of chocolate and flowers.

No matter how you would like to celebrate Valentines day, there are thousands of Valentines ideas available on the internet, both for things to do with kids, and things to do with your significant other.  Valentine’s Day is a special, romantic day that is not just reserved for lovers.  Indeed, many schoolchildren still practice the ancient tradition of picking names from a jar.  Originally this was a part of the pagan festivals that surrounds Valentine’s Day and the name that was picked often led to marriage.  When this is done by children, it is usually to decide who will exchange cards or greetings.

This article was published on Friday 08 January, 2010.

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