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Wall Rosaries
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A wall rosary is a devotional as well as a decorative statement. It shows, for all to see, that you are a member of the Catholic Church and participate in the devotion of the rosary. It is a very large version of smaller hand rosaries that can be hung on a wall. It can be artfully hung and make a beautiful impression and some wall rosaries have beautiful beads and medals that are works of art. It is usually arranged so that all the beads as well as the crucifix and any other medal are displayed.


These large rosaries are usually 40 to 80 inches long depending on the number of decades, or sets of beads it has. The beads in a wall rosary can be made out of the same material as a hand held rosary including wood, glass, ceramic and plastic. The beads can be round, oval or cube shaped. There are even glow in the dark wall rosaries that you can see in the night when the lights are off. The whole rosary is much larger with larger beads and medals.


Some wall rosaries are very artistically designed and handmade so they are unique. They have a wooden San Damiano Crucifix, which is in itself unusual, and teardrop shaped beads, among other shapes, that are made out of lamp work glass with gold highlights or possibly a papal crucifix with pink Murano glass with gold detail. Some of the beads are exquisite such as cobalt blue Murano, cherry quartz, smoked and turquoise Murano glass as well as aqua barrel glass with a silver detail. If you can hang it where the sun light shines on it, the colors will dazzle you. A wall rosary like this is more expensive, but really worth it because it is like hanging a piece of jewelry on your wall.


There is a wall rosary that is stoneware, with each bead and medal carved to your choice. Each bead is carved with the image of Mary and the center piece can be of a saint of your choice including; Our Lady of Lourdes, Divino Nino, Sacred Heart, Lady of Grace, Saint Jude, Diving Mercy and Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is a very unique piece and looks almost like an ancient relic. In your home it will be a center piece and the beginning of many conversations. Another carved rosary is ozolyte. Each bead is carved and the crucifix is very unusual. It is very tasteful and delicate for a neutral colored room.


It is also possible to find online instructions on how to make a wall rosary for your own home or as a gift. You will need strong cord, 49 beads that are 1.8 cm diameter and a crucifix. These home made rosaries are usually made with wooden beads and crucifix and any other saint medal you want, but if you follow the directions, you could make it out of any beads and crucifixes you choose. This would be the truly unique rosary and would make a wonderful gift for the right person.

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