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Water Fountains

The sound of gently splashing water is very soothing. It is known to relieve stress at the end of the day. A gorgeous stone water fountain in your garden would be ideal for you to hear and contemplate and to attract birds for water or a bath. Everyone may not have a large garden to accommodate such a structure but that doesn’t mean they will miss the beauty and peace of a gentle cascade. Many different styles and types of fountains for indoor and outdoor are available online and there is the perfect one to add a classic touch to your yard, patio or living room.


The simplest possibility is a solar water fountain. This one needs to be in direct sunlight most of the day to operate properly, so it may not be good for indoors unless you have a skylight or sun room. It is very easy to install and will work for years. The solar panels absorb the light and run a small pump that circulates the water. These will continue to work even in the snow if there is enough sun light. They are available in hundreds of designs from descending ceramic bowls to cherubs pouring water. They are made of fiberglass and resin as well as sandstone and ceramic. They have the added benefit of being inexpensive to operate because sunlight is free, plus they have no wires and need no electrical outlet.


For something more elaborate with a nautical theme there are marine and aquatic animal water fountains that look amazing. Manatees, dolphins and swordfish leaping and spitting water make a remarkable show. There are also seals, goldfish and otters. Some are 100% bronze or brass and some are cast stone and painted with especially strong paint to look like bronze or brass. These need a pond or pool or a very large yard to make the best show.


Water leaps in many patterns. There are bell fountains; splash dance displays that change with the sounds around it, bubbler rocks both genuine and artificial where the water seems to come right out of the ground. These also come in larger stones and the water bubbles out at the top and cascades down the side of the rock like a mini waterfall. Some cascading water fountains are bas reliefs of lion’s heads or Neptune with fish and are mounted on a wall. They really look like ancient Rome or Greece and add a classical and mysterious atmosphere to your back yard.


If you have a pond in your yard it may be useful as well as beautiful to have water fountains for your pond. Moving water will help keep your water fresh and if you have fish it will add oxygen for their benefit. For the classically inclined there are copies of parts of famous fountains as well as simple fountains based on Italian Renaissance designs made from concrete and steel to last for years. These are not the inexpensive fountains but the old world style looks luxurious and genuine and for the right garden is well worth the cost.


This article was published on Friday 02 April, 2010.

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