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White Gold Cross

The Cross is the most sacred symbol for all Christians and many like to show their faith by wearing the Cross as jewelry. It is Cross Pendant with Diamondelegant, comes in many different styles and designs and there is a huge collection available online. Pure gold is yellow in color and white gold is an alloy of yellow gold with palladium or nickel. A white gold cross has the shining white appearance of silver or platinum without the possibility of tarnishing, the way silver does and is less expensive than platinum.

The metal in a white gold cross is measured in karats, and the cost of a white gold cross will depend on the purity of the metal. They are usually 9/10K, 14K or 18K, some are plated and some are solid white gold. There are handcrafted solid 18K white gold crosses that are one of a kind. Some have stones, including diamonds, and some are plain. Depending on the metal the gold is alloyed with, the white gold may have a colored tint. Usually there is a pale yellow, pale rose and sometimes a pale green tint which can be attractive. Sometimes jewelers plate white gold with Rhodium to give it a pure white shine.
The possibilities are infinite for a white gold cross. There are bent wood styles with smooth lines that almost have a modern design and Egyptian ankh crosses that evoke the timeless aspect when Christianity blended with the earlier beliefs. Another cross that goes beyond the Christian era is the Celtic cross, etched with the ancient Celtic patterns. You can also find intricately detailed Florentine crosses and delicate trefoil crosses. Some designs are not historical, simply created by artists to make a beautiful cross motif pendant, especially the ones that are set with stones.

A White gold cross is very suitable for stone setting because the white color blends with any color of stone and there are many with diamonds that gleam beyond belief. Every style of cross can be set with stones including rubies, emeralds, sapphires as well as semi-precious stones including Peridot, Garnet, Cubic Zirconia and Citrine. However, diamonds are the most popular and there are many possibilities. Simple Latin crosses with rows of stones, filigree diamond clusters in the shape of a cross, entwined lines curving around each other with diamonds down one side are just a few of the beautiful pieces online. There are also earrings, charms and rings with stylized white gold crosses. These pieces of jewelry come in a suitable design for a young girl or boy or an adult of any age.

A Celtic white gold cross is a very popular item especially for men. It has a rugged and heavy look and comes with several different Celtic patters and motifs. Trinity knots, newgrange symbol, infinity knots and shield symbols are all Celtic motifs that may decorate a Celtic cross.  The shamrock as a symbol dates back to the time St. Patrick returned to Ireland to teach Christianity and used the shamrock to explain the trinity. This is why a shamrock decorates a St. Patrick’s cross.



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This article was published on Wednesday 18 August, 2010.

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