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Wooden Rosaries for Men

The rosary is a prayer to Mary, the mother of Jesus, to intervene on the prayer’s behalf with God. Rosary means garland of roses, the flower associated with Mary. It is one of the most holy devotional prayers of the Catholic Church and was recently given new energy by Pope John-Paul II who declared October 2002 to October 2003 the year of the Rosary and added another prayer. The beads used to count the prayers are called rosaries and are beautiful pieces of jewelry. The men’s wooden rosary is made from different kinds of wood and linked with silver, gold and sometimes rope.


Olive wood and black cocoa wood are the woods most often used to carve beads. For the men’s wooden rosary the beads are carved larger than for women. One St. Benedict rosary has black carved wood beads with a heavy silver crucifix and a traditional St. Benedict medal which gives a powerful impression. It is traditional but with a modern atmosphere. If you want to give a rosary to a man for a gift, and would like it to resonate with his personality, there are sites online where you can make your own rosary. If you know his favorite saint medal you can include that along with the beads he likes the best. There are also generic brown wood, glass beads and onyx beads.


From Medjugorje, a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a large rosary with rope and hardwood beads is handmade. These will last for years and are in a style used by Franciscan monks in Medjugorje for years. It is a very rugged looking men’s wooden rosary with a large wooden crucifix. There is also a wooden, peace chaplet that is made the same way as full sized rosaries. There are olive wood rosaries with the Pax symbol especially from Medjugorje, to pray to Mary for peace. This rosary is unusual and good looking and would make a good gift especially for a young man or someone who travels a lot.


Attractive, hand made, wooden rosaries from Brazil are also very rustic looking with wooden crosses and cord connecting the beads. They feel smooth in the hand and look old world as if left behind by some priests in the 16th century. There are also olive wood rosary beads from the Holy Land with a few drops of water from the river Jordan. This men’s wooden rosary is very special.


The most popular men’s wooden rosary is the black beads with the silver crucifix and chain. The other popular style is the rustic brown wooden beads with cord or rope and a wooden crucifix. The black style goes well with a man in a suit, well dressed in a church or cathedral. The brown style seems to match a man more casually dressed or an adventurer who prays where ever he is. Unlike the black and sliver, these rustic rosaries remind us of ancient times when monks lived in seclusion and contemplated the mysteries of spiritual life.

This article was published on Tuesday 24 November, 2009.

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