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Wooden Rosaries
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Wooden Rosaries have a long history of being a beautiful heirloom type rosary for primarily a man to carry with them.  It is common that the rosaries are brown black Its often to find them carved and made into a specialty rosary. Through time, wood was the primary material rosaries were constructed of. They were easy to whittle into small beads to make into the rosaries.


Often wood rosaries are also associated with the Franciscan Rosary. It is constructed of wood beads and is far larger than a regular rosary with 15 decades of beads forming the rosary as opposed to the standard 5. Often you will see Franciscan father’s or monks carrying these rosaries on their belts and they are far longer than a standard wood rosary, with its length often being over 45 inches or four feet.  The wood beads are often tied together with large jute like rope. The twine has beads and many knots tied together to form the rosary. The have fancy knots made to support each bead and keep them separate.


Children’s rosaries are often made out of large bead wood. They are strung together with rope or string and painted with bright paint making them very safe for children because of their large beads, that children cannot choke on. With non-toxic paint they make for the perfect solution for children to learn the rosary at an early age but without the safety hazards a standard bead rosary would present.


Carved wood bead on a rosary are also a unique expression of faith and a great gift idea for a man. There are many different type carvings in each bead. And in the early centuries, the beads were hand carved to display a rose. Sometimes now you will find that the bead is carved with ornate circles. They are then strung together with a light metal loop to tie all the beads together.  These wood beads are at time soaked in a rose aroma oil to make the beads have a lasting scent of rose, the flower most often associated with the Blessed Mother. These rosaries are  seem to keep their fragrance.


Finger rosaries are often made of a wood bead because they can be smaller. A finger rosary is a one decade rosary that has a smaller cross that can be carried in your pocket. The bead makes a more durable rosary and are often constructed with a a rope or Jute twine.  Men and women both often carry these rosaries.  They too retain their rose smell and often are a great gift idea for birthday or  maybe even a stocking stuffer. They are small enough to carry in a wallet or a purse.


Wooden rosaries are one of the most lasting symbols of the rosary. They were one of the first types of rosaries and have lasted though the centuries as an enduring symbol. They are long lasing and durable for every day use and can also be ornate for special occasions or gifts especially for boys and men.




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