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Wooden Wall Rosaries Make Great Talking Piece

As a display on the wall of your living room or sitting room to show your faith as well as a beautiful decoration there is nothing like a wooden wall rosary. It makes the statement that you are a member of the Catholic Church and pray the rosary or garland of roses which are prayers to Mary to intercede with God on the prayer’s behalf. A wall rosary is a very large rosary, just like the hand versions, that can be hung on the wall like a work of art. Each bead, medal and crucifix should be arranged so they are displayed.


Wall rosaries were traditionally hung on a wall of hearth and the whole family would gather to pray together. It was passed through the generations from mother to daughter. The beads in a wooden wall rosary can be made out of different woods including, olive wood, Brazilian cherry wood, or mixed woods. Sometimes they are unknown wood stained dark brown or of the natural wood. They can be round, cubed, oval or rectangle and are often carved with circles, dots or roses. The beads may be an inch or more in diameter and up to four or five feet long.


There is a wooden wall rosary made in Italy of dark brown wood with metal connections. The beads are 30mm oval and it has a Madonna and Child centerpiece. Also, you can get online an eco friendly wall rosary made of mixed exotic woods with the natural grain and color. It is 45” long with beads of 0.8” diameter. There are olive wood wall rosaries made in Bethlehem. The olive trees are from the Holy Land and “God Bless our Home” is on the top. It comes with a guarantee that is made in Bethlehem.


The Brazilian cherry wood rosary is a glowing dark red color. It is on a strong cord with oval 15mm beads. It is 38” long with a 3.5” Brazilian cherry wood crucifix. It is made in Brazil and will look gorgeous in any home. There is also a wooden wall rosary made from Jujube wood, also called buckthorn and believed to be the material of Jesus’ crown of thorns. It is 64 inches long and has large 25mm diameter beads. It is on a strong cord and is beautiful for display as well as durable for years of use.


You can find instructions online for you to make your own wooden wall rosary. It can be very personalized with your personal patron saint center piece and a choice of crucifixes. It would make a good gift for someone who would like to display it if you know their personal tastes in rosaries as well as home décor. The materials you will need are; 49 beads, or however many decades you want the rosary to be, that are at least 1.8 cm diameter, a crucifix, saint medals and strong cord. There are places online where you can order the beads you want along with the other materials.



This article was published on Wednesday 10 February, 2010.

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